Virtus V3C platform is available for adult people who want to improve their competences on Tourism and Hospitality Services and Social Entrepreneurship. More than 600 people have taken part in the training activities!
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The 1st meeting one was on 16/09/2017 at the Municipality of Belmonte Mezzagno, a small village close to Palermo (12 km far), CESIE presented the 3VC platform and the 1° policy brief. 9 people took part, in particular there was the mayor and 2 city councilman, moreover there were the following stakeholders: 1 lawyer, 1 social worker, 3 not for profit organizations. The 2nd meeting was on 05/12/2017 at the Municipality of Castelbuono, another small village 90 km far from Palermo, CESIE presented the 3VC platform, both courses and the 2nd and 3rd policy briefs. 22 people took part, in particular there was the mayor, 2 town councilor, 2 students, 8 teachers, 6 entrepreneurs, 1 PHD student and 2 Project managers. All people which took part in the meetings found very interested the project and its results both in terms of platform and courses/content, especially the teachers appointed the possibility to add new courses in the platform and use it as ICT tool, and the policy makers found interesting to deepen this sectors: TH and SE since they are a resource for Sicily and its economic growth.

On 15 December 2017 BEST organised a meeting with local policy makers in order to inform them about VIRTUS project, activities and outcomes. In total 15 people participated. Invitees ranged from representatives of tourism companies and supporting migrants’ organisations to public authority. Some participants have already known the project, as they had been involved in the VIRTUS project in some way from the beginning and have been in close contact with BEST during the whole project duration. The aims of the event were on the one hand to discuss dissemination activities to spread the outcomes to final beneficiaries, i. e. mainly both VET courses provided by VIRTUS “Social Entrepreneurship” and “Tourism and Hospitality”. On the other hand, exploitation possibilities were discussed, implementing them into mainstream training. The group shared experiences and ideas of how they could use the project outcome, again, especially the two modular courses, e.g. in their own organisation. Also possible obstacles and challenges that could occur when implementing them were discussed. A representative of a non-profit association that supports migrants and helps them into the labour market, for example, mentioned that his organisation could offer our developed courses to their protégés. VIRTUS courses would contribute to enhance learners’ knowledge and thus could help them find a job. As they are in close cooperation with tourism organisations, especially contents from this sector are relevant for them to use. Although in Austria there is a wide variety in tourism training provision, for the aforementioned participants there is hardly a course available to learn as self-guided learner without having to pay tuition fees. It would also serve as first intro into the local situation. To other particularly the Social Entrepreneurship course could be implemented and help policy makers’ change in related training provision. However, those latter plans would take longer time and further meetings upon approval of the new government and responsible policy makers were suggested to be organised. Further, the policy makers especially highlighted the fact that the courses are certified by ECQA and thus internationally accredited and certified. This was perceived as an extra value that could help raise acceptancy. The participants were highly interested in the dissemination and exploitation of VIRTUS outcomes in the future, leading to a successful event and end of the project

Our Virtus V3C platform has been demonstrated at the end of 2017 on the Twelfth European Conference On Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2017). The demo with the title “VIRTUS Virtual VET Centre (V3C): A Learning Platform for Virtual Vocational Education and Training”, by Peter de Lange, Petru Nicolaescu and Ralf Klamma is available in the conference proceedings here .

news (2016-06-06)

On 23rd and 24th November the last meeting of the project was held in Wien. All the partners participated and discussed about the last aspects to improve theV3C and training material developed.

ÖHV Hotelier congress 2018
This congress takes place in January 2018 in the Congress Centre Hofburg in Vienna. During three days the main focus will be on service made by humans. There are different speakers who will discuss the digital future, technology in every day life as well as examples of roboter services.

WIFI – How to handle difficulties in tourism sector
To handle the difficulties concerning the contact with unsatisfied clients, WIFI offers a course about the handling of complaints. In an eight-hour-workshop employees of tourism and gastronomy will learn how to deal with unhappy clients, how to find solutions and how to cope with challenging clients.

The 3rd VIRTUS Policy Brief on Virtual Vocational Education and Training is out ! You can download from here

Public presentations of Virtus V3C platform with the participation of policy makers have been developed in the participant countries: Greece, Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany, among other dissemination and exploitation activities developed by the project partners.

The 2nd VIRTUS Policy Brief on Virtual Vocational Education and Training is out ! The aim of this policy brief is to present concisely the findings of the VIRTUS needs assessment activities. You can download from here

Need Analysis Report is now available! Click here
The aim of this report is identify and assess the end-users needs of the Virtus target groups: adult learners, VET teachers, representatives of SMEs in Tourism and Social Enterprises.

news (2016-06-06)

The 2nd VIRTUS project meeting took place on 3-4 November at Bilbao, Spain. The partners discussed the progress of the first 10 months of the project and made concrete plans for WP3, 4 and 5 that will be implemented in the second year.


Partners from Greece and Spain implemented the design meeting on modular courses content. Experts, teachers and decision makers from Social Entrepreneurship and Hospitality and Tourism sector participated in these meetings giving their opinions about the modules and contents of the two Modular Courses that will be developed within the project.


Virtus Flyer is now available! Click here
Here you can find information about VIRTUS project, its objectives, partners, and future results.

The first VIRTUS design meeting took place in Heraklion, Crete on Monday 30/5.
The meeting was attended by 14 participants and included representatives from all the VIRTUS target groups.
It lasted 2 hours and was very fruitful in terms of information and knowledge gathered for the progress of the project.

news (2016-03-25)

On 25th and 26th of February, the Kick off meeting of the project was held in Athens. All the partners had the opportunity to meet each other and know the different knowledge and experiences of their organizations in order to exchange them. On the other hand, it was a good opportunity to discuss in depth about the project aims, activities to do, responsibilities and the way to work during the next two years.

The first steps of the project are: 1) do an assessment about the needs of the end users through more than 600 questionnaires addressed to adults learners, VET staff, and representatives of the sectors (social economy and Tourism); 2) elaborate a state of the art on Virtual Organizations in Education and Training; 3) prepare the Training and Certification framework to ensure that all the partners understand the ECVET features and technical principles. All the partners will be involved in these activities.

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