“As we are living in a country that tourism plays a significant role in our economy, more and more people want to enhance their knowledge and skills on this field. I am really pleased that we have managed to organize a satisfying programme that will cover the needs of our society”

“Virtus project aims to qualify people with essential knowledge on tourism and social entrepreneurship so as to become better professionals. It is very significant the fact that we have provided a well-rounded training material addressing to all levels of knowledge and experience.”

“It is better than an easy, entertaining but also educational platform which offers important information and practical learning with the most convenient way.”

“I am certain that this programme is going to boost the tourism field and improve social entrepreneurship in Europe. Through this up-to-date and easy platform, the results are really promising.”

“One of the biggest achievements of Virtus is the awareness of social entrepreneurship which is an upcoming sector that business word needs. An inspiring program that surely can contribute to the improvement of entrepreneurs’ knowledge level.”

“The general goal of Virtus project is very significant as it focuses on the pillars of our economies. The meaning of this training is to promote capable and skilled people to the job market.”

“Generally all countries need qualified people so as to promote professionalism. Especially the field of tourism needs this upgrade so as to correspond better to the clients’ demands. Virtus project can offer this upgrade through the high-level learning that it provides.”

“We are eagerly awaiting the implementation and results of Virtus project. The willing of people to improve themselves professionally in comparison with this programme, are going to have an impact on tourism businesses.”

“We are living in a fast-growing economy and we have to follow the evolutions all the time. Virtus project is a good chance to inform people about tourism and social entrepreneurship and modernize these fields accordingly.”

“As I am starting to work in tourism sector, it is a very easy way to learn more about this sector. The European certification will help me to find work in another country for improving my language competences”

“Social Entrepreneurship course helps to understand this new way of entrepreneur and give you the information needed to start thinking on a social business!

“It is fantastic to find some modules about the social networks applied to businesses. Nowadays, within the digital economy, it is compulsory to know and be active in the Digital Networks”

“The course of social entrepreneurship will have a significant impact and will help to improve my approach to the various business situations that will arise”

“The positive aspects that the Virtus project can offer are many, everyone should follow the course to have a better command of social entrepreneurship and how this can promote the development and the emergence of new ideas”

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