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VIRTUS Project

The “Virtual Vocational Education and Training – VIRTUS”project develops an innovative, fully functional virtual vocational education and training centre, which provides appropriately designed modular certified courses in Modular Employable Skills (MES), corresponding to a wide range of circumstances such as regional growth potential and/or company restructuring and aiming at increasing the participation rate of adult learners in vocational education and training.

In particular, the virtual VET center provides two (2) modular certified courses on: Tourism and Hospitality Services or Social Entrepreneurship.

Project Highlights

virtus project VIRTUS Virtual VET Center and Virtual Community

Innovative and fully functional virtual vocational education and training Centre,
which provides appropiately designed modular certified courses in Modular Employable Skills.

Virtus V3C platform is available for adult people who want to improve their competences on Tourism and Hospitality Services and Social Entrepreneurship. More than 600 people have taken part in the training activities! Please, fell free to take part on it and register at

Our Virtus V3C platform has been demonstrated at the end of 2017 on the Twelfth European Conference On Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2017). The demo with the title "VIRTUS Virtual VET Centre (V3C): A Learning Platform for Virtual Vocational Education and Training", by Peter de Lange, Petru Nicolaescu and Ralf Klamma is available in the conference proceedings here.

Public presentations of Virtus V3C platform with the participation of policy makers have been developed in the participant countries: Greece, Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany, among other dissemination and exploitation activities developed by the project partners.

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